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Funding your case - London - Huggins & Lewis Foskett

Case funding, no win no fee, fixed and contingency fees

Professional legal advice can be very costly. If you are in need of help these are some of the funding options available to you and can be discussed with any of our legal advisors before you commence your case.

Free First Interview

We do offer a free first interview in many cases. This will outline your options, your chances of success and we will discuss the costs involved.

Following a review by Government Legal Aid, or Public Funding, is no longer widely available in Family Law ( Divorce etc.). For details of what is available please click here.

If you have any questions you can ask our family lawyers who will confirm whether you are in fact eligible.

We offer fixed fee packages for those on low incomes.

Legal Insurance Cover

If you have taken out legal cover as part of an insurance policy you should be offered free access to legal advice and representation with the costs being paid by your insurers. This may cover you in cases involving (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Personal injury
  • Unfair dismissal and employment tribunals
  • Purchase or hire of goods and services
  • Loss or damage to property through someone else's negligence
  • Disagreements with neighbours
  • Tenancy disputes
  • Contract issues with house purchases
  • Non-constructional building work such as redecoration

You should check with your insurer for details of the financial level to which you are covered. In some cases this may not cover the entire cost of the case so you can with our legal advisors make sure that this is established before you proceed with any legal action. Some insurers may insist that you use their panel of solicitors but once again in certain circumstances this can be overridden and we are granted permission to act for you and once again you should check this position with our legal advisors.

Fixed Fee Divorce

We offer fixed fee packages for Petitioners in divorce proceedings. Please click here for full details.

We can help you fund your case in a number of ways. Call 020 3535 5844 or email our team.

No Win No Fee

Many personal injury and clinical and medical negligence cases are taken on a no win no fee basis otherwise known as "Conditional Fee Agreements". These offer the Claimant access to legal representation on the basis that they will only pay if their case is successful.

We will after investigating the facts behind your claim take a view on the likelihood of success of your claim before being able to offer a no win no fee agreement. You should discuss this with our legal advisor before proceeding.

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